Coronavirus Scams

Some people who are self-isolating may be vulnerable to scams because they do not have any local family or friends to help them to get food, prescriptions or other essential items. This means that they may be vulnerable to people who offer help but only to take advantage.

Share this information with friends and family to make sure we are all #scamaware about #coronavirus

Friends Against Scams Training has been updated to include information about coronavirus scams – complete it here: Friends Against Scams e-learning

Read it, Share it, Prevent it

Please see the links below for some information to use on social media and to pass on to service users/communities about scams that have cropped up.

Coronavirus Scams Awareness Letter
Coronavirus Social Media Pack
Coronavirus Scam Postcard

Tips to keep safe:

· Use trusted community groups.

· Use supermarket delivery options

· Ask your pharmacy/chemist if they have a delivery option.

· Try to call on neighbours or people you know.

·  If you’re not sure who is at the door, you don’t have to open it.

·  Ask the person to leave details and then talk to someone you trust before you make a decision.

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