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The National Asylum Seeker Health Steering Group have produced this resource on Asylum Seekers and Other Vulnerable Migrants and includes:

  • Frequently asked questions and Top Tips for Child Safeguarding Partnerships and Safeguarding Adults Boards to consider in business plans & priorities
  • Top Tips for Safeguarding Adults Boards and Safeguarding Children Partnerships considering the needs of asylum seekers and other migrants
  • Additional Resources.

Asylum Seeker and Other Vulnerable Migrants FAQs and Tops Tips Resource for Boards and Partnerships 

The following link takes you to the NHS South East regionally commissioned work with asylum seeking men which consists of an educational film, facilitator sheet and accompanying leaflet which can all be accessed here

The resources are designed as a personal, health and social educational learning method and are acted by asylum experienced men based on the lived experiences of those currently seeking asylum.  The film is in English with subtitles, as requested by the experts by experience, and is designed to be watched in the hotels and other accommodation along with support workers or professionals to encourage learning, discussion and cultural exchange.

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