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Adult Man Portrait with a Down Syndrome in a Daycare Center

The aim of the TSAB is to ensure the effective co-ordination and delivery of services to safeguard and promote the welfare of at risk adults in accordance with the Care Act 2014 and the accompanying Statutory Guidance

To achieve this aim TSAB will work with partners and local communities to ensure that safeguarding services work well, are constantly improving and meet the needs of local people by:

  • Preventing abuse and neglect from happening
  • Responding quickly when abuse or neglect does happen, and
  • Always putting the adult’s wishes at the centre of the process
  • Raising awareness of safeguarding adults, and the role everyone can play in responding to, and preventing, abuse and neglect.

Care Act 2014 – Easy Read

Vision: That people are able to live a life free from harm, where the community has a culture that does not tolerate abuse, works together to prevent abuse and knows what to do when abuse happens.

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