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Discriminatory Abuse

Discriminatory Abuse – What is it?

Discriminatory abuse is any form of abuse which if carried out because of a person’s differences. It can include verbal abuse, harassment or deliberate exclusion, denying access to services or providing substandard services.

The abuse might be directed at a person because of their race, gender, age, disability, religion, sexuality, appearance or cultural background.

The types of discriminatory abuse include:

  • Unequal treatment
  • Verbal abuse, derogatory remarks or inappropriate use of language
  • Denying access to communication aids, not allowing access to an interpreter, signer or lip-reader
  • Harassment or deliberate exclusion
  • Denying basic rights to healthcare, education, employment and criminal justice
  • Substandard service provision

Who it happens to and who are the perpetrators

Discriminatory abuse can happen alongside other types of abuse, for example a person who is deprived of education may also experience physical abuse.

The perpetrator could be a:

  • Relative
  • Carer
  • Friend.

Possible signs of discriminatory abuse

  • The person appears withdrawn and isolated
  • Expressions of anger, frustration, fear or anxiety
  • The care or support provided does not meet the adult’s needs
  • The adult is fearful or anxious around a particular person
  • The adult is not allowed to access services that are available to others
  • Name calling or physical abuse.

If you are worried that you or an adult you know is experiencing abuse report it now, call 01375 511000.

If the person is immediate danger, dial 999 and ask for the police.

Hate Crime / Mate Crime

You can find out more about Hate Crime and Mate Crime by using this link Mate Crime | Thurrock SafeGuarding Adults (thurrocksab.org.uk)

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