Modern Slavery

What it is

Modern slavery takes many forms. Forced or compulsory labour is a common element of modern slavery, although the tasks people are forced to conduct may not be considered as traditional labour.

The types of modern slavery include:

  • Human trafficking – the moving of a person with the intention of exploiting them
  • Forced labour – being forced to work long hours with little or no pay and without typical workplace protections
  • Sexual exploitation, such as escort work, prostitution and pornography
  • Debt bondage – being forced to work to pay off debts that realistically they never will be able to
  • Domestic servitude – being held within a home against your will perform domestic chores and childcare duties for little or no pay with restrictions on freedoms.

Possible signs of modern slavery

Signs of modern slavery are:

  • Appearing to be malnourished, unkempt or withdrawn
  • Isolation from the community, seeming under the control or influence of others
  • Living in dirty, cramped or overcrowded accommodation, and/or living and working at the same address
  • Lack of personal effects or identification documents such as a Passport
  • Always wearing the same clothes
  • Avoiding of eye contact, appearing frightened or hesitant to talk to strangers
  • Fear of the police and people in authority
  • Always being accompanied by another adult
  • Unable to contact their friends or family
  • Working very long hours and always being ‘on call’
  • Denied access to food, water, medicine, medical treatment or sleep

For advice and support:

If you have identified a potential victim of human trafficking or modern slavery report it now. follow steps 1 – 3 on the referral pathway below.  (click to open the PDF)

Refferal Pathway

Thurrock Safeguarding Adults Team: call 01375 659810
or email


Further support can be found: – search Modern Slavery

If you have been trafficked into this country to be exploited and need an immigration advisor, go to: – search for ‘immigration advisor’

Modern Slavery – 0800 012 1700

The Salvation Army

Stop the Trafik


Worried about an adult? 01375 511000

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